PTW-63 Pole Branch Bending Machine


The machine driven by turbine reduction box, the bending die rounds in the bending, match with mound layer to bend one time, guarantee the unity of bending radius, can bend circular tube and square tube with different diameters. The rectangular tube is  economical and practical , it can adjust at any angle from 0-180°,the price is very favorable.

Application Scope

It is used in bending the light pole’s head (bending of big air conditioning, bending of small air conditioning, furniture bend, strobe bend, bending of fitness equipment, auto spare parts and so on.


Easy to operate, suitable for batch and make a proof bend

Economical and practical, save cost for short run production

Can bend stainless steel, iron pipe, aluminum pipe, copper pipe, seamless steel tube etc.

Can bend circular tube, square tube and rectangular tube with the thickness less than 3MM

The specification can be equipped with 5 dies randomly according to the request of the users.(the max. diameter of die is 700mm)

Mdiameter is Ø63mm, Max.thickness is 3mm

The motor is 4KW,100 reduction gears

Weight500 kg