ZDW43J-8*1600 Cut to length line

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Machine overview

This machine used to spread the steel coil, Leveling and cut to the request size. After manual feed into the leveling machine, As the cutting size, the unit will finish the leveling and cutting action.

Equipment combination.

1).Decoiler—2).Side guiding Unit—3).Leveling machine—4).Cutting machine—5).Stack table—6).Electric system

Unit Scope:
1Coil materialsHot rolled plate Q235-A (Account as the strength of materials)
2Coil thickness:2-8MM
3Coil width:800-1600MM
4Coil weight:≤28T
Unit Parameter:
1Leveling speed:~8m/MIN
2Leveling accuracy:2MM/M (Related with original shape)
3Scale length tolerance:±5MM
4Main motor power:30KW
5Unit area:(L×W)About 26M×5.5M
6Unit working direction:(Face to console) From right to Left
Equipment Structure And Function:

(1). Uncoiler: Used to support the coil  and  bearing 30 Tons. By the support shaft, frame and other components. Sent to board the first artificial leveling machine, leveling machine driven by the coil to start.

(2). Side guiding: Sheet to prevent run-time deviation, both sides of the sheet width direction with vertical guide rollers, guide roller frame fixed to the respective sliding seat, through the hand wheel by the screw-nut fushi slide in the lead column along the width direction, to accommodate different width .

(3). 11 rollers leveler: pinch steel and steel plate for correction. From the base, frame, sliding seat rolls, leveler rolls 11 ( under 5 on 6 ) , motor and other components to enhance the pressure adjusting mechanism . By the motor drive gear reducer, so that the next row of rollers are turning.

Adapt to the 2-8mm thickness, 1800mm width. Upper straightening rolls (5) electric lift, pressure.

(4). Cutting: Down to size after shear. Mechanical shears.

(5). Materials sets: carry on the plates after shearing

(6). Electric system: system includes console, cabinet.

1Coil Thickness2~8MM
2Max Processed Width1600MM
3MaterialsQ235-A ΣB≤450MPA
4Coil Weight≤28000KG
5Coil DiametersØ800~Ø1600MM
6Plate Open Speed125MM/S




8Leveling Accuracy≥2MM/M²
9Machine Weight13500KG
Spare Parts Supplier
2Main Motor30 KW1setSIEMENS BADE
3Adjustable Motor3 KW1setSIEMENS BADE
4Coil Motor4 KW1setSIEMENS BADE
5Shear Motor5.5 KW1setSIEMENS BADE
6Shear Blade2032 MM1setSHANGHAI
7BearingFull Set1setHAERBING
8Electric Components1setSCHNEIDER


Weight28000 kg