BTSZ-3000/8000 CNC Flame Plasma Cutting Machine

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1.After heat treatment the box ,the largest rigid and light weight, inertia, quality assurance rack structure.
2.Confidential meshing gear and rack processing, digital servo drive motor accompanied by sophisticated gear boxes, high-torque,long-life lubrication ensure accuracy and longevity of drive.
3.Central gas distribution systems, fluid solenoid valve control, tanks and trachea chain transmission cables ensure that the pipe clean and compact appearance.
4.Seeker finishing drawing boards, finishing 50kg tracks made of the running track machine stability and precision.

Matching Project:
1.Auto lgnite device.
2.Mechianical/capacitance/arc automatic increase pressure device.
3.Three piercing devices(greater than 100mm).
4.Weak/flame-conversion devices.
5.Straight conference of the cutting torch.
6.Rotary break plasma cutting torch.
7.Plasma power.
8.Track length and cutting torch can be requested serveral changes and may install plasma power to achieve plasma cutting.

Weight6200 kg