Flange Welding And Cutting Machine


Door cutting and baseplate welding: Tapered pole baseplate (outside + inside + stiffener)

Pole thickness: 2-5mm

Pole bottom diameter: φ100-320mm

Pole max weight: 300KG

Baseplate size: min 250*250mm, max 550*550mm

Stiffener size: 100*350mm


Pole loading and unloading: by manual

Welding: MAG/CO2

Cutting: Plasma Max 65

Structure description


Equipped with a four-jaw chuck mechanism and a material holder for clamping pole. The base dimension is 800mm *200mm *10000mm.

Welding mechanism:

FANUC, M-10iD12 welding robot, guarantees stable and reliable welding quality. It is used to weld bottom baseplate, four stiffeners.

 Cutting parts:

For cutting the light pole service door, Shanghai Jiaotong University F6200 CNC system, touch screen, Hypertherm Max65 Plasma power source from USA

Pole holding:

The holding mechanism is for holding the pole and turning with the positioner. Turing angle is 0 to 360 °.


The track enables the pole embedding mechanism to move freely . The track length is 8000mm.

Robot walking mechanism:

It is used to move the robot from stiffener welding position to baseplate welding position. It uses imported servo drag chain.

Control cabinet

The control cabinet can adjust relevant welding parameters and write to the program.

FANUC M-10iD12 Robot  

Weight3000 kg