T44QK-6-2000 CNC Hydraulic Flying Shear Cut To Length Line

The production line is composed of loading trolley, two-cone no harmomegathus type decoiler, plate leading device, 11 rollers straightening machine, transition swing bridge, side guide device, 5 rollers leveling and pinch sizing roll, shears(pneumatic clutch), convey belt, pneumatic blanking frame, lift platform, plate discharge car(side discharge, back discharge), and so on.

Production line technological process as follows:

Coil loading → decoiling → plate leading → leveling → plate storage → correct and centering → leveling → sizing → cutting → stacking

This line is centralized controlled by PLC, control console has the function of length setting, digital display, automatic counting, continuous cutting, failure warning and so on. The line arranged compact, sizing of plate use import servo motor, with high sizing precision.

Key Components Of Machines

1Touch screenTaida
2PLC(programmable controller)Taida
3Servo motor and driverYaskawa Japan
4BearingHa, Wa, Luo
5Pneumatic piecesAirTAC
6Solenoid valveAirTAC
7Air cylinderJiangsu
8Hydraulic solenoid valveYUKEN